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This site is about you; the beginner gardener who wants to plant a garden and pretty up your home or the advanced gardener that just wants a change but isn't sure what route to take. If any of the following questions have been uttered or contemplated by you, then keep reading!

Ever look at your garden and say to yourself, "Where do I start?"

Have you purchased a home and said, "What is that plant and why doesn't it look good?"

Have you wanted to be self reliant and have your own veggies?

Have you ever been short on space and said, "I don't have room?"

Are you short on money and need some color on a shoestring because you're selling your home?

Do you have a big event coming up and want to transform the setting without paying big bucks?

Are your containers sitting there empty and you don't have the time or know what to plant in them?

Do these pictures make you "Well that looks kind of like my house." ?

plain jane bit overgrown, no flow  

If you have answered yes to any of these, then I might be your gurl!

Check out my
services and together we will  create your own dream garden to fit your needs.


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